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Motorola PMP 320 Typical Tower Build

Here is a bill of materials for a typical Motorola PMP 320 tower build (cluster).

  • 4 x 3630APC (3.65 Ghz 802.16e Wimax Access Point w/ 90 degree sector)
  • 1 x 1090CKBA (CMM4 w/ ruggedized switch and GPS module)
  • 1 x 200SSB (DC surge suppressor for CMM)
  • 1 x SGPN4076 (56 VDC power supply for CMM4)


Motorola to Release 802.16e Fixed Wimax, PMP 320

The Motorola wireless broadband Point-to-Multipoint (PMP) 320 is a low-cost fixed licensed outdoor distribution and access solution that delivers fast, affordable connectivity in a variety of environments and applications.

Around the world, service providers and enterprises that hold licensed spectrum in the 3 GHz band are investigating deploying 802.16e WiMAX to provide reliable, cost-effective data, voice and video connectivity for business and residential customers. There is a significant investment required for equipment and installation of a full mobile WiMAX network, with many providers finding it difficult to build a business case for reaching subscribers in low-density locations at the edge of their networks or for building a new network in a low-density greenfield environment that only requires reliable fixed connectivity. The Motorola PMP 320 changes all that. The PMP 320 offers a fixed, outdoor solution that is easy to deploy and does not require the significant investment in core network equipment associated with mobile connectivity.

This is perfect for WISPs, Local Government entities who want to use a licensed spectrum for surveillance deployments and more.

Licensed Spectrum. The fixed outdoor PMP 320 solution is designed to allow service providers around the globe to combine the reliability of licensed bands and standards based equipment with an overall low total cost of ownership. The PMP 320 delivers low-cost, high-performance solutions for operators holding licenses in three different frequency ranges: 3.3-3.4 GHz, 3.4-3.6 GHz and 3.6-3.8 GHz. The PMP 320 supports standard WiMAX QoS profiles.

Standards Based. The PMP 320 is interoperable with WiMAX 802.16e CPEs, supports all of the WiMAX QoS profiles, and uses standard AAA/RADIUS servers for authentication.

Performance. With 2×2 MIMO, 10 MHz channels, and 802.16e coding/error correction the PMP 320 delivers high throughput with excellent coverage and link budgets.

To learn more about the Motorola PMP320 3.65Ghz fixed Wimax product have a look through these two documents.

The PMP 320 is set to be released Q1 of 2010!