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Sanyo HD Cameras: Where to get the lastest firmware

**Update** Sanyo has been sold to Panasonic and all Sanyo HD IP cameras have been discontinued.  The links below may not be available any longer.

Click available HD IP cameras for alternate brands.

Sanyo has made huge strides in the stability of their firmware so if something is not behaving right make sure you upgrade the camera’s firmware and it will probably fix the issue.  Strangely, Sanyo hides the information on how to download the latest firmware so here it is!

latest firmware for the HD cameras are available from the Sanyo security tech support FTP server.

To connect to the FTP server from Internet Explorer connect to the following site:


once connected copy the folder or right click on files and “save target as”
save files to your desktop.

If you have a FTP client app use the following for the site:

username: firmware
password: sanyo

Once in you can browse to the “HD Cameras” folder and select the firmware that matches your camera model.

Direct Links to the firmware:

Sanyo HD IP Cameras – Affordable HD Quality

Sanyo’s line of HD IP Cameras are high quality, well thought out cameras that make financial sense.  Sanyo is building upon the expertise of their consumer high definition camcorders, taking the optics and optimizing the technology for IP security applications.  What a great combo.  The best part is that they because of this Sanyo is able to create quality cameras at 1/2 the cost of the competitors.

Some features of the Sanyo HD cameras:

  • Auto Back Focus
  • 1080p HD video streams
  • 4MP stream if using MJPEG
  • True Day/Night (mid and high end models)

HD Mini Network Vandal Domes:

  • VDC-HD3100: HD 1080p H.264 Color Dome, Vandal Resistant, IP66, PoE
  • VDC-HD3300: HD 1080p H.264 Day/Night Dome, Vandal Resistant, IP66, PoE
  • VDC-HD3500: HD 1080p H.264 Day/Night Dome, Vandal, IP66, Quad Stream, Analytics, PoE

HD Box Network Security Cameras

  • VCC-HD2100: HD 1080p H.264 Color Network Camera, PoE
  • VCC-HD2300: HD 1080p H.264 Day/Night Network Camera, 4 MP MJPEG, PoE
  • VCC-HD2500: HD 1080p H.264 Day/Night Network Camera, Quad Stream, Analytics, PoE

HD PTZ Network Security Cameras

  • VCC-HD5400: HD 1080p 10x Day/Night PTZ, Quad Stream, Analytics
  • VCC-HD5600: HD 1080p 10x Day/Night PTZ Speed Dome, Quad Stream, Analytics