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RGnets: Lower pricing for class leading hotspot gateways

RGnets has introduced a new hotspot/hotzone gateway appliance based on Intel QuadCore technology that has allowed them to not only lower the entry cost of the appliances but also increase performance.

Along with the new hardware and price point RGnets has revamped their licensing to a pay as you grow model. Small venues can now purchase a base A4 II (read A4 mark II) for just under $3000 with a 50 simultaneous user license and scale to 250 as needed.  Larger venues can opt for the A8 with a 500 simultaneous user license and scale to over 1000!

The A4 II and A8 both come with a full suite of software including the following:

Compare this to the Nomadix hotspot gateway (here) and you will find that the RXG is more powerful, more flexible and with the advertising mechanism built in provides quick ROI.

A4 mk II A8
CPU QuadCore 2.4Ghz QuadCore 2.66Ghz
Number of Interfaces 4 x 10/100/1000 8 x 10/100/1000
Storage 60GB Solid State 120GB Solid State
Sustained Throughput 25Mbps 50 Mbps
Peak Throughput 100Mbps 400Mbps
Price $2995 $9995

Is your Public Wi-Fi Network making you money? Now it can with WLANmall & RGnets


WLANmall has teamed with RGnets, a leader in jumbo scale hotzone gateways, to bring hotel wifi, hotzone and WISP managers an all in one solution that will increase ROI and reduce operator headache.

The RXG is a Revenue eXtraction Gateway that includes the following integrated key systems:

  • Forced web browser redirection
  • Multi-tier self-provisioning billing system
  • Role based AAA policy enforcement
  • Per user traffic shaping
  • Integrated advertising distribution system (Can’t get this anywhere else!)
  • Advanced link control & routing (WAN failover, premium upsell)
  • Integrated web cache for added performance and better WAN usage
  • Fully integrated unified threat management system
  • Integrated IPsec VPN
  • Core networking services
  • Full spectrum graphical instrumentation
  • Comprehensive auditing package

For more information on the RXG please give us a call or click here.

Well how does this stack up to my Nomadix? We knew you would ask so we created a little chart for you to look at.

Click here for a comparison between RXG and Nomadix.

This isn’t your father’s old hotspot gateway…This is a full blown Revenue eXtraction Gateway!