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Goodbye AG5500 – Hello AG5600 & AG2300

Nomadix has deprecated its AG5500 large hotspot wired and wireless gateway and replaced it with a more capable Nomadix AG5600. The AG5600 comes with the standard 500 user license, QoS and credit card modules along with the mandatory 1 year premium maintenance and software subscription. The AG 5600 can also be upgraded to 2000 concurrent users in its standard bundle and up to 4000 with the Metro expansion. This hotspot gateway is ideal for larger venues such as school, airports and convention centers.

For those smaller venues that need/want to provide paid or free internet access to their clients Nomadix finally released the AG2300. This is the long awaited successor to the best selling AG2100 which was pulled a couple of years ago due to lack of a specific hardware component. The AG2300 unfortunately does not have the built in wifi AP that the AG2100 had but it does come in at 1/2 the cost of the AG3100 and is still a good choice for venues that on have a mild use of their guest networks.

Nomadix Version 7.0.029 now available

Available for the AG3000, AG3100, AG5000 and AG5500 gateway products.  This latest version adds:

The ability to digitally sign External Web Server (EWS) and Internal Web Server (IWS) Portal Page Parameters. This prevents malicious subscribers from intercepting, forging and replaying URL redirection strings used by the NSE and EWS or IWS Portal Page to validate subscriber access, eliminating a vulnerability that was previously exploited to gain unauthorized Internet access charge-for-use sites.

A parameter that holds the value of the Subscriber IP address has been added to the redirection parameter list.

Support for additional commands has been added to the NSE’s XML interface:

Subscriber_Query_Current command. This command provides the means for administrators to query the NSE’s current table for the status of a currently resident subscriber.

Subscriber_Query_Auth command. This command provides the means for administrators to query the NSE’s authorization database (authfile) for the status of an authorized subscriber.

In addition to the current table and DAT table listings, a list of subscribers in the authorized database can now also be obtained via XML.

The Web Management Interface (WMI) now supports secure (https) connections

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