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Wi-Spy DBX Pro: A better way to view the air

Building on their amazing success with their Chanalyzer software the team at metageek has released the Chanalyzer Pro software that offers at least 8 new features that will allow you to better view the air around you and report on it!  See videos about the Wi-Spy DBX Pro (2450X1VPRO) here.

New in Chanalyzer Pro

  • Device Identification
  • Spectrum Analysis Reports
  • Device Tracker
  • Superior Recordings
  • Signal to Noise Ratio
  • Duty Cycle
  • Click & Drag to Zoom
  • Outline View

Includes the best of Chanalyzer 3 & Chanalyzer Lite

  • 3D View
  • Channel Activity Graph
  • Network Strength Graph
  • Wi-Fi Channel Reports
  • Notes
  • Networked Wi-Spy
  • Multiple Wi-Spy Tab support

Automated Reports
Chanalyzer Pro generates a powerful report using the Wi-Fi and RF activity combined. The reports include an outline of known wireless devices with images of their RF activity, the SNR of Wi-Fi access points and the duty cycle of each Wi-Fi Channel. For WLAN deployment the report will recommend the best channel placement. You have the ability of defining rooms and notes to customize the wireless report.

Device Identification
MetaGeek created a powerful device identification system that goes beyond Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, it now takes on microwave ovens, cordless phones, wireless video cameras and much more. In Chanalyzer Pro you can immediately track down an unknown device by highlighting the RF activity frequency range and selecting device tracker mode.

Superior Analysis
Chanalyzer Pro allows you to change the frequency range. View as many or as few channels as you’d like with full resolution. MetaGeek designed Chanalyzer Pro to fit your needs. It has an adjustable timeframe making all of the views relevant to your location. Leave Chanalyzer running as long as you’d like and view the data later. Add locations, devices and notes as you see fit.


2nd Free Wi-Spy Winner Announced

The winner of our second free Wi-Spy giveaway is Aaron with EOMA. Aaron chose the 2.4 GHz 2400x2v Wifi Spectrum Analyzer from MetaGeek. Congratulations Aaron!

When asked what he was going to do with the Wi-Spy he replied:

“Wow, thanks for the great contest! I run the IT for a medical clinic. All of our doctors use laptops for their appointments, so having the wireless working as efficiently as possible is a major part of my job. Our medical records software is server based, so our providers are working off of the server constantly. I can’t afford to have a slow wireless network, so this new tool should help me keep my providers up and running so that they can provide excellent care for their patients. Thanks!”

Wi-Spy – Perfect Wi-Fi Within Reach

The Wi-Spy family of wifi and 900Mhz spectrum analyzers allow integrators, IT professionals and do it yourselfers to troubleshoot poorly performing networks by allowing them to see the air around them. Normal spectrum analyzers run into the 1000s of dollars but MetaGeek has managed to create a powerful yet cost effective device that makes high performance more attainable!

The MetaGeek Wi-Spy comes in 3 different Flavors, 900Mhz, 2.4 Ghz Only and 2.4/5Ghz dual band.

Wi-Spy 900x

Wi-Spy 2.4x*

Wi-Spy DBx*


Frequency Range

862 to 928 MHz 2.400 to 2.495 GHz

2.4GHz: 2.400 to 2.495

5GHz: 5.150 to 5.850

Frequency Resolution 24 to 375 KHz 27 to 421 KHz

2.4GHz: 26 KHz to 3 MHz

5GHz: 24 KHz to 3 MHz

Filter Bandwidth 54 to 750 KHz 60 to 675 KHz

2.4GHz: 58 to 650 KHz

5GHz: 54 to 600 KHz

Amplitude Range -105 to -6.5 dBm -110 dBm to -6.5 dBm -100 dBm to -6.5 dBm
Amplitude Resolution 0.5 dBm 0.5 dBm 0.5 dBm


The software behind the device.

The MetaGeek Wi-Spy devices come free with a very powerful software called Channelyzer which uses the data collected Wi-Spy sensor to plot the information in an intuitive visual manner which is conducive to quick troubleshooting.  Using the powerful Channelyzer software is a breeze.  Here is a little video taken from the MetaGeek team.  You can find more of these tutorials on MetaGeeks Vimeo Stream.

How To: Get the most out of Chanalyzer from trent on Vimeo.