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Cybernetics: iSCSI SAN with high end features for a price that makes sense

Cybernetics is a maker of high performance iSCSI SAN solutions based out of VA. The company has created a high performance, full featured, low cost iSCSI SAN solution for SMB, enterprise and video surveillance markets. Their unique system architecture writes all data to a large cache buffer made of up at least 8GB RAM (12GB on iSAN) before it is written to the disks. According to the manufacturer specs this architecture allows the Cybernetics SAN to achieve up to 150,000 IOPs using low cost SATA drives. That is more than some SANs costing twice as much.

High End Features:

  • Dynamic LUN Provisioning – Add capacity to any server or application on the fly.
  • Dynamic Snapshot Provisioning – Migrate online disk backup to second tier storage.
  • Reliable – RAID 6, and all units include a free cold spare disk.
  • Snapshots Backup – Mountable points for recovery or rollback.
  • Disk Backup – Copy disk volumes to portable USB and eSATA hard disk.
  • Tape Backup – Fast image backup to tape without backup server or software.
  • WAN Replication – Automated, deduplicated and encrypted remote disaster recovery backup
  • High Availability – Hardware level mirroring and automatic failover with no single point of failure.

There are no extra licensing fees associated with the Cybernetics iSCSI SANs like in other high end SANs from NetAPP, EMC, etc. When you purchase a Cybernetics SAN you get all the high end features listed above plus some. You also get a 2 year return to depot warranty and first class US based support.

Video Security Applications:
IP video security applications require a lot of storage to keep live and recorded video surveillance images on file for weeks, months and even years. The cost of acquiring and managing this vast amount of storage can be quite daunting sometimes but with Cybernetics it starts to make sense. The Cybernetics SAN will act as a great archive location for all your ip video security footage and with dynamic LUN creation you can share the SAN with other servers giving you more flexibility and a faster ROI.

miSAN comes in 3 form factors, 8 bay, 12 bay and 16 bay iSCSI SANs. Each one can be filled with either 1TB or 2TB hard drives with the exception of the 8 bay SAN which can also be configured with 500GB SATA HDD.

SATA miSAN Models: SATA 7.2k HDD, 8GB Cache

SAS miSAN Models : SAS 15k HDD, 8GB Cache