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Top 10 Evaluation Criteria for Choosing a Video Management Software


IP video management system provides intelligent software for the day-to-day operation of video surveillance hardware on an IP network and offers the opportunity to integrate other components of your corporate security program. To help you in your evaluation process, we’ve listed the Top Ten evaluation criteria that you should review before making any of your purchase decisions. Before starting your evaluation, ask your vendors for a list of reference accounts.  Select references with similar applications and network conditions that you’ll be running under. Once you’ve narrowed down your list, here are some key areas you should be reviewing as you evaluate the system and talk to reference accounts.


Delivering PTP SLA using a PTMP Wireless Architecture for IP Video

On May 1st the first shipment of the new Radwin 5000 PTMP product will start shipping from their New Jersey warehouse.  At first glance the Radwin 5000 is similar your typical wifi base station but on closer inspection the Radwin 5000 is the first of its kind.

Standard wifi base stations have a limited capacity delivered in a first come first served basis.  Subscribers connecting take as much or as little of that capacity as they want.  Throughput is not guaranteed per subscriber unit which means that if your neighbor decides to start downloading torrents from the internet and takes up 90% of the capacity of the base station you and the rest of the subscribers will have to contend for the remaining 10%.  This might be OK in broadband service networks where you have usage cycles and over subscription but in a constant streaming applications such as IP video surveillance where dedicated bandwidth is needed at all times it doesn’t.


Vivotek: Affordable Vandal Resistant Mini Dome

Vivotek has released a vandal resistant version version of there mid range H.264 mini dome.  There are two flavors to choose from the 8143V and the 8133V.


The Broadband Expo : A Great Success

WLANmall showed at the Broadband Expo on 11/1 with great success. We presented a demo of how to transmit and capture video sent over broadband wireless connections to a Milestone Systems NVR. Motorola was kind enough to loan us an SM and and AP which we were able to connect an Axis 221 housed inside our one of a kind POE housing. Also featured were Sanyo High Definition IP Camera and Vivotek IP Cameras.

Vivotek adds new H.264 cameras

Vivotek has added new H.264 cameras to their cost effective line up.  In the mix are now new ONVIF compliant bullets and mini domes and a PTZ is on its way.

VIVOTEK IP8330 is the best bullet-style network camera offering supreme night visibility for diverse outdoor applications. Featuring up to an unbelievable 60fps at VGA resolution and exceptional low light sensitivity down to 0.1 lux, the VIVOTEK IP8330 captures impressively smooth and crystal-clear video, even at nighttime. In order to adapt to constantly changing outdoor lighting conditions, the IP8330 also features a removable IR-cut filter as well as IR illuminators for superior image quality around the clock. With the Advanced Color Reproduction technology, users need to look no further for an all-in-one outdoor camera capable of capturing high quality, vivid video for both day and night.

VIVOTEK IP8332 is a best-in-class, bullet-style network camera designed for diverse outdoor applications. Equipped with a 1MP sensor enabling viewing resolution of 1280×800 at a smooth 30 fps, the IP8332 is an all-in-one outdoor camera capable of capturing high quality and high resolution video.   In order to adapt to constantly changing outdoor lighting conditions, the IP8332 features a removable IR-cut filter as well as IR illuminators effective up to 15M for superior image quality around the clock. For protection against harsh outdoor environments, the camera is encased in an IP66-rated housing and weather-proof casing to withstand rain and dust.

Vivotek FD8134 supports the industry-standard H.264 compression technology, drastically reducing file sizes and conserving valuable network bandwidth. With MPEG-4 and MJPEG compatibility also included, video streams can also be transmitted in any of these formats for versatile applications. The streams can also be individually configured to meet different constraints, thereby further reducing bandwidth and storage requirements. Users can thus receive multiple streams simultaneously in different resolutions, frame rates, and image qualities for viewing on different platforms. The FD8134 model is aimed at providing 24-hour surveillance for indoor applications and features true day and night functionality with a removable IR-cut filter and built-in IR illuminators.  All this for $340!

Cost Effective IP Ready Enclosures for the Security Industry

WLANmall has partnered with a leading security camera enclosure manaufacturer to bring you a well built, reliable and flexible line of outdoor security camera enclosures.

Indoor/Outdoor Wired Dome Enclosures:

6″ Outdoor pendant dome enclosure 7″ Outdoor pendant dome enclosure Indoor recessed dome enclosure

Outdoor Wireless Dome Enclosures:

6″ Wireless pendant dome enclosure 7″ Wireless pendant dome enclosure

Outdoor Wired Dome Enclosures:

6″ Outdoor pendant dome enclosure 7″ Outdoor pendant dome enclosure

Wired & POE Fixed Enclosures:

Fixed Camera Enclosure Fixed Camera Enclosure with IR Illuminators 802.3af Powered POE Camera Enclosure

Wireless Fixed Enclosure:

Wireless Security Camera Enclosure

Sanyo HD IP Cameras – Affordable HD Quality

Sanyo’s line of HD IP Cameras are high quality, well thought out cameras that make financial sense.  Sanyo is building upon the expertise of their consumer high definition camcorders, taking the optics and optimizing the technology for IP security applications.  What a great combo.  The best part is that they because of this Sanyo is able to create quality cameras at 1/2 the cost of the competitors.

Some features of the Sanyo HD cameras:

  • Auto Back Focus
  • 1080p HD video streams
  • 4MP stream if using MJPEG
  • True Day/Night (mid and high end models)

HD Mini Network Vandal Domes:

  • VDC-HD3100: HD 1080p H.264 Color Dome, Vandal Resistant, IP66, PoE
  • VDC-HD3300: HD 1080p H.264 Day/Night Dome, Vandal Resistant, IP66, PoE
  • VDC-HD3500: HD 1080p H.264 Day/Night Dome, Vandal, IP66, Quad Stream, Analytics, PoE

HD Box Network Security Cameras

  • VCC-HD2100: HD 1080p H.264 Color Network Camera, PoE
  • VCC-HD2300: HD 1080p H.264 Day/Night Network Camera, 4 MP MJPEG, PoE
  • VCC-HD2500: HD 1080p H.264 Day/Night Network Camera, Quad Stream, Analytics, PoE

HD PTZ Network Security Cameras

  • VCC-HD5400: HD 1080p 10x Day/Night PTZ, Quad Stream, Analytics
  • VCC-HD5600: HD 1080p 10x Day/Night PTZ Speed Dome, Quad Stream, Analytics

Samsung IP Cameras at WLANmall

WLANmall has recently added Samsung to our growing list of IP camera manufacturers.  We added the two cameras below because they are outdoor ready, have 10x optical zoom, endless pan rotation and image stabilization at a very reasonably priced!

Samsung SNC-C6225


  • MPEG-4 & MJPEG Dual Encoding
  • Rotating Speed : MAX. 360°/sec
  • Digital Image Stabilization
  • Day/Night Function (ICR)
  • Smooth Manual speed : MIN. 0.05 °/sec
  • Bi-directional Audio Support
  • Endless 360° Pan Rotation
  • Micro SD Memory Card Slot for Alarm Recording
  • Vandal Proof/ Weather Proof
  • $999


Samsung SNC-C7225

The SNC-C7225 has the same great features as the SNC-C6225 expect that it also has a built in heater and fan for extreme outdoor installations. $1165

Briefcam: Watch 24 hours of Video in Seconds

BriefCam is a developer and provider of video synopsis solutions for CCTV surveillance systems. BriefCam technology summarizes hours of events into a “brief” that takes just a few minutes to watch – with an index to the original source video – whether real-time feed online or archival footage offline.

I found this technology at ASIS 2009 here in Anaheim and it blew me away.  Instead of searching for an even through hours and hours and non eventful video you can see it all in a very intelligent manner in less than a minute!

But words do not do this technology justice.  You have to see this live.  Click on one of the items below to see video expamples and an interactive demo.


WLANmall Named Vivotek Distributor

Wlanmall has achieved distribution status with Vivotek.  Vivotek makes high performing cost effective IP cameras for every application including outdoor bullet cameras, speed domes, mini domes for mobile surveillance, indoor fixed cameras and a complete line of megapixel IP cameras.


Vivotek FD7132 Day/Night IR Fixed Dome Camera

This indoor camera is perfect for warehouses, studios, office environments and retail applications.  It has a crisp 640 x 480 VGA image produced by a Sony CCD imager.

The Vivotek FD7132 also has a varifocal lens, 15m IR the ability to stream both MPEG4 and MJPEG video.  Oh and lets not forget the two way audio support!

The Vivotek IP7361 2 Megapixel Outdoor Bullet IP Camera

The IP7361 is a rugged all weather IP camera with a 2MP imager, built in IR w/ removable IR cut filter, Varifocal lens, 2 way audio support and mouch more.

The best part about the IP7361 is that it is all POE!

The Vivotek FD7160 2MP mobile surveillance mini-dome

The FD7160 is a IP66 rated indoor / outdoor 2 megapixel mini dome camera with wide angle lens, rugged metal case & vandal resistant dome.

The FD7160 is also fully EN50155 compliant, the camera can withstand shock, vibration, humidity, and dust while maintaining stable and reliable video when a vehicle is in movement.

This little camera is also perfect for fixes indoor applications!

To see the full line of Vivotek IP cameras and video encoders click here.