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WLANmall Partners with Firetide: High Capacity Mesh for Video Applications

WLANmall has partnered with Firetide the leader in linear mesh wireless technology to round out our portfolio and allow our customers greater flexibility when building their IP security networks.  Here is how it works.  Both radios in the mesh node are dedicated to backhaul communication.  This in essence creates full duplex communication in the mesh which almost eliminates the loss per hop allowing the wireless mesh to span very large areas with out throughout injection points throughout the network.  This lowers costs and simplifies installation.



MIMO Wireless Mesh Nodes (up to 600 Mbps):

Standard Wirless Mesh Nodes (up to 54 Mbps):

Wireless Mesh Nodes with 900 MHz Radios:

If using the Firetide 7100 or 7200 MIMO wireless mesh node you will also need HotView Pro software for mesh management.