9 Things you should know about the new Milestone XProtect Corporate 4.0 – with Screenshots!

Here are 9 new features of XProtect Corporate 4.0 that you should really know about.  Check out the corresponding screenshots under the text.

#1 Video Bookmarking – Mark and annotate important video on the fly in live mode or while reviewing video in playback

#2 Storage Grooming - XPCO 4.0 now allows you to archive the same video multiple times and give you the option of reducing the video’s framrate to save storage.  Example:  You can record all cameras at 15 FPS then after 24 hours archive the video at full frame rate for 30 days, after 30 days archive again reducing the frame rate to 5 fps and then finally after 60 days archive again and reduce the frame rate to 1 fps for long term storage.

#3 Edge Storage – Upon loss of connectivity to the recording server recording fails over to the camera’s  SD card and then pushes that video back to the recording server once the connection has been restored.

#4 Federated Architecture – You can now manage multiple individual installations of Corporate (children) from one main (parent) management client.  The great thing about this is that the parent management server can see and interact with the child but the child can not see the parent.  Give users  more granularity when controlling large distributed installations.

#5 Ignore device communication error – I love this one because a lot of my clients stream video over cellular connections which breifly time out every couple of minutes.  In the past this has forced us NOT to use email notification on camera disconnect for fear of flooding the inbox.  With this feature however we can now enable camera down notification and limit the number of emails we get!

#6 Privacy Mask (note new pen size options)

#7 Smart Client Profiles – Control what SMARTclient features are shown to specific users

#8 Time profile integration with roles, devices, etc – Allows you to now limit when devices are available, when certain roles are allowed to access video, etc

#9 Recording Search – Search for sequences or bookmarks and get a preview pop up