3.65 GHz MIMO Point to Point Bridges start to roll

More and more 3.65 GHz wireless products are rolling out of manufacturing and R&D and are hitting the shelves.  Here is a highlight of three 3.65 GHz point to point solutions both released or soon to be released.


Radwin RW-2030-0100 : 3.65 GHz carrier grade 200 Mbps point to point bridge.  This device is an outdoor unit (ODU) with an integrated 21 dbi antenna and the ability to send TDM (T1) over the wireless link.  The Radwin has adaptive modulation and spectrum analyzer built in and is built tough for demanding applications.


Ubiquiti has 2 solutions here, the PowerBridgeM365 and the RocketM365 with additional dishes.  Unlike the Radwin these products are based on traditional Atheros WIFI chipsets which greatly reduce the cost of the items but do come with additional overhead and quirks that Radwin’s proprietary protocols can avoid.

PowerBridgeM365 : To be released Q1 of 2011 the PowerBridge M365 is Ubiquiti’s attempt at a carrier grade bridge. Not much (actually no) info is really given about the PowerBridgeM365 but, from what we are told, the current PowerBridgeM5 offers a nice mix of price & performance.  So we are interested in seeing what the new M365 can do.

RocketM365 + RocketDish-3G26 : The Rocket is a very versatile device.  You can select between AP and Bridge mode and comes with 2 x RP-SMA connectors that will allow you to connect it to either a sector (AP) or dish antennas (bridge).


Radwin RW-2030-0100

Ubiquiti PowerBridge M365

Ubiquiti Rocket M365